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If two friends are bound by ties of affection, we must try to remember that the bond is between the souls and not the bodies-- that they are friends now on earth because in quite different bodies they have known and loved each other perhaps for thousands of years.

Subhash needed a family like atmosphere. Naturally, to anyone who is leading the Theosophical life it will make but little difference whether the transition from the physical plane to the astral comes slowly or quickly, since he is all the time doing his best to make as much progress as possible, and the object before him will remain the same in either case.

It is asked how we who still live on earth converse with our friends in heaven; if by we you mean our personality, that does not converse with friends in heaven. The idea of location applies to the sub-planes of the astral, but only to a limited extent.

“Breaking the chains of psychological slavery” by Naim Akbar Essay

Dev was not going to act in the film. Amitabh Bachchan gave a screen test for a film on the set of the movie, Sajan.

Starred in the shelved film "Raftaar - Akbar the great tittle Way Out". For every entity which comes into connection with it, whether only just entering upon human evolution or preparing to pass beyond it, the heaven-world means the highest bliss of which that entity is, at his level, capable.

Such an imprisonment is not reincarnation, and to call it by that name is an inaccuracy; hence, while fully conversant with the above facts, I should always say Akbar the great tittle the human ego cannot reincarnate as an animal, cannot become an animal.

There are three subdivisions of the astral plane from which it may be possible though not desirable for disembodied men to see and follow events taking place upon the physical plane. And I have had always greatest respect for Kaka.

That lowest type of astral matter corresponds to the solid subdivision of physical matter, and the astral counterpart of any solid physical object is composed of that lowest subdivision of astral matter-- the seventh class of astral matter, if we number the sub-planes from above downwards.

Certainly a theatre full of people has its astral counterpart, which is visible to dead people. A man does not rid himself of evil tendencies in the astral world any more than he would in this life, unless he definitely works to that end.

When one of them dies he passes on to the astral plane, and there he meets his living friend face to face during the sleep of the latter. In the fifth race that happily seems no longer to be possible, but people of the same type occasionally fall into this snare of animal obsession-- bad enough, indubitably, but still not so utterly gruesome and disgusting as vampirism.

Suppose a man has brought over from his past incarnation tendencies requiring for their manifestation a large amount of the matter of the lowest sub-plane, and has in his present life been fortunate enough to learn in his earliest years the possibility and the necessity of controlling these tendencies.

Those who are working under the direction of the pupils of the Masters of Wisdom will naturally avail themselves of their counsel, since they have had much experience along these lines, and can in turn consult others of still wider knowledge.

This downward tendency grows with the using, and a man who is at first happily unconscious of what lies below him may be so unfortunate as to have his attention attracted to it, frequently by selfish manifestations of the grief of the survivors.

He declined as he felt the role was too small. If you will think for a moment you will see that this must be so.

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InPran co-produced "Lakshmanrekha" for his son. Great Theosophical teachings of Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater. First Section The After-death Life THE THEOSOPHIST AFTER DEATH.

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